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C programming language & Best C Training Institute in Ghaziabad

C Training Institute in Ghaziabad

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C Language

GALLANT Info is considered as the basic and necessary to learn programming language for IT people. In order to learn any other programming language, you must first learn C programming language from C training institute in Ghaziabad to understand the basics of programming.

Although C and C++ are considered as one of the hardest programming languages to learn but it clears the basics of programming at very initial stage. Gallant Ghaziabad best C training institute in Ghaziabad.

Features of C programming language:

  • C is middle level language, a combination of high and low level languages.
  • It is a structured programming language that makes a complex program breaks into many easy small programs to solve the problem.
  • A major part of windows, UNIX, and Linux operating system are programmed with C.
  • It provides dynamic memory allocation.
  • It has many in-built functions.

All these features are few drops of ocean; c programming is very vast subject and has numerous benefits. It is a myth that C is outdated language and does not have any future scope. C can never get outdated and it is playing a major role in current IT industry as well.

To get good results, it is very important to learn from C training in Ghaziabad i.e. Gallant Ghaziabad

C Course Details
Course Track Regular Weekend Fast Track
Course Durtion 3 Month 8 Weeks 5/6 Days
Hours 1.5 hours/day 2 hours/day 5 hours/Day
Trainig Mode Live Classes Live Classes Live Classes
Note: Course details my be differ. For more information about course please contact to course cordinator.
  • Why C
  • Feature of C
  • C is procedural language
  • Difference b/w interpreter and compiler
C Overview
  • Data type , variable
  • Operators and uses
  • Preprocessor directives
  • Deference b/w .C/.CPP
  • Run c program without header file (turbo)
Input Output Operation
  • What is Header file
  • Types of Header file
  • Creating custom Header file
  • Applying custom Header file
  • printf()
  • scanf()
Control Statement
  • If
  • If-else
  • If-esle if
  • Nested if
  • Switch statement
  • Difference b/w if and switch statements
  • Nested Switch
  • What is Loops
  • Types of Loops
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do-While Loop
  • What is array
  • Understanding indexing of array
  • Memory Allocation of array
  • Subscript range of Array
  • One dimention
  • Two dimention
  • Multi dimention
  • Operation of Array
  • What is string
  • Represantation of String in C
  • Understanding null character
  • String Manipulation
  • Subscript range of String
  • String function
  • Operation of String
  • What is Pointer
  • User of Pointers
  • syntax and structur of Pointer
  • Storing address/refernce in Pointer
  • Pointer with Array
  • Pointer with String
  • Pointer with Structure
  • What is function
  • Defination and types
  • Default function
  • Call by value function
  • Call by refernce function
  • Recursion function
  • function with Array
  • What is Structure
  • Application of Structure
  • What is Object
  • What is (.) Operator
  • Data Member in Structure
  • Array of Structure object
  • Structure with Pointer
  • What is Union
  • Difference b/w Structure and Union
  • Operation on Union
File handling in C
  • What is file handling
  • Use of File handling
  • Writing Text file from C program
  • Reading text file in C program

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