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Best iOS Training Institute & Best iOS Training Institute in Ghaziabad

Best iOS Training Institute in Ghaziabad
What you should know?
  • Requirements: installing the SDK
  • Becoming a registered Apple Developer
  • Joining the iOS Developer Program
  • Creating a simple iOS application
  • The four pillars of iOS application development
  • CLS(Common Language Specification)
Simple iPhone Application
  • Create an XCode Project
  • Using Interface builder
  • MVC
  • Declarations
Memory Management
  • Reference Counting
  • Auto Release Pools
  • Retain count management
  • Target and Action Design Pattern
View Controllers
  • MVC Design pattern
  • Basic of View Controller
  • Life Cycle of View Controller
  • Types of View Controller
  • Creation of View Controller
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Programmatically
  • Button, Segmented Control
  • Switch
  • Stepper
  • Setting target and Actions
  • Implementing methods
Delegate Design Pattern
  • UITextField, UITextView
  • Implementing delegate methods
  • Summary
Views and Bars
  • Image View, Scroll View, Text View, Table view, Picker View
  • Alert View, and Activity Indicator View, Progress View, WebView
  • Tab Bar, Tool Bar, Search Bar
  • All the Above with Delegate Gestures and Animation
  • Gestures (Tap, Swipe, Long Press and Pinch)
  • Navigation Styles and Presentation Styles
  • UIView Animations, Button Animation, Rotating Image, Scaling Views
Making Connections
  • Setting Connections to UIViews
  • Setting Target and action
  • Deploying an application
  • Application lifecycle
  • Summary
Basics of Swift and Differences from Obj-C
  • Data Type
  • Optionals
  • Objects
  • Instance
  • Creating an instance
  • Sending message
  • Destroying an instance
  • Collection
Use of data binding Control (formatted and unformatted)
  • Sub Classing a Swift Class <>
  • Instance Variables
  • Accessory and Properties
  • Instance Methods
  • Initializers
Core Location Framework
  • CLLocation & CLLocation Manager
  • Where am I application
  • Where am I application
Playing Audio and Video
  • Playing Audio Files
  • Playing Video Files
  • Audio /Video Recording
  • Summary
Social Integration
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration
Notification and Rotation
  • Notification Centre
  • UIDevice Notifications
  • Summary
Data Storage
  • Different types of Storage
  • NSUserDefaults
  • SQLite
  • Files
  • Core Data
  • Saving and loading data from property list files
SQLite Programming
  • Basics of DML
  • Integration of SQLite into Apps
XML Programming
  • Basics of XML Structure
  • XML Parsing
Core Data
  • Basics of Core Data
  • Store/Retrieve data using core data framework
  • Build Sample app using core data
  • Summary

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