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Best Android Training Institute & Best Android Training Institute in Ghaziabad

Android Training Institute in Ghaziabad

GALLANT Info provides android training institute in Ghaziabad. Gallant has been able to prepare a number of students who crack interviews for MNCs and are working on Android these days.

Google has launched Android, a mobile operating system on November 5, 2008 with its first version named Beta. After that a number of versions were release throughout these years with great functionalities named as Petit flour, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Pie. Pie is the latest android version launched on August 6, 2018 and you can easily get android training in Ghaziabad.

Talking about two big mobile brands in India these days are Android and IOS. Android is able to give a tough competition to IOS, even if it is the most loving mobile brand of people and most of them dream of having a iPhone with them.

These days MNCs are hiring for Android developers because it is one of the most popular and in demand technology in the market.

Why Learning Android is beneficial for the current market?

  • Cross Platform Capability
  • Android Developers are in high demand by MNCs
  • It is an open source platform
  • Approx 75% users are using android, so it has a high user base.
  • Android is highly flexible because it does not have any developmental conditions like IOS.
  • Android holds a huge app market with Google Play Store.

All the above mentioned advantages are just icing on the cake, there is much more than that in Android that you will learn in Gallant.

Why choose Gallant for Android Training?

  • Highly skilled and experienced android trainers are working with us.
  • Lab facilities are provided for implementing the practical.
  • Conducts placement drives for the students.
  • Android training centre in Ghaziabad.
  • Tie-ups with different big companies for the placement of students.
  • Conduct doubt sessions other than regular classes.
  • Conduct classes for interview preparation.

Choosing a good course for learning is important but choosing a best institute for the same is very important. You will learn the core and advance points of the subject from that place only. So, if you are willing to learn from best android training institute in Ghaziabad then GALLANT is the best place for you. You are getting knowledge with job assistance here.

Introduction and Basics of Android
  • What is Android
  • History and versions of Android
  • Where is Android
  • Why we should learn Android
  • What we should know before start learning (In java)
  • Architecture of Android
  • Runtime environment
  • Setting up development environment (Jdk and Android studio installation)
Introduction of Android Project
  • How to create android project
  • How to run android project
  • Understanding directory structure of android studio project
Working with layouts
  • How to create Layouts
  • Basics attributes of layouts (height, width, margins, backgrounds)
  • How to create and use of RelativeLayout
  • How to create and use of LinearLayouts
  • Working with nested layouts
  • How to use android weight and weightsum
  • How to use gravity
Working with U.I widgets
  • Button inside Layout to perform click operation
  • EditText to take input from keyboard
  • TextView to display text or String
  • Create simple calculator (adding two numbers and display results)
  • CheckBox for multiple selections
  • Radio Button for single selection
  • RatingBar
  • Seekbar
  • ToggleButton
  • SwitchButton
  • ListView
  • GridView
  • Spinner
Intent in Android
  • What is intent
  • Types of intents
  • How to create explicit intents
  • Move to another Activity using explicit intent
  • How to send data from one activity to other
  • What is Implicit Intent
  • Open website url to understand Implicit Intent
  • Life Cycle of Activity
  • Understanding Life Cycle of Activity
  • States of Life Cycle of Activity
  • Use Life Cycle of Activity
  • Methods of Life Cycle of Activity
ActionBar in Android
  • What is ActionBar
  • How to change color of ActionBar
  • How to add title and subtitle on ActionBar
  • How to hide and show Action Bar
Menus in Android
  • Option Menu
  • Context Menu
  • Popup Menu
Telephony in Android
  • What is Telephony Manager in Android
  • How to get device information using Telephony Manager
  • Call
  • How to make call
  • How to send Sms
  • How to send Email
Media Player
  • What is MediaPlayer
  • Play , Pause , Stop , Forward and Backward to song
  • Getting duration of audio song
  • Get Current position of song
  • Small project of Media Player
  • What is VideoView
  • How to Play Video song
  • How to user media controller to control video song
Text To Speech
  • What is Text To Speech
  • How to Speak String in human voice
Speech To Text
  • What is Speech To Text
  • How to recognize Human voice and convert into String
Bluetooth in Android
  • How to enable bluetooth
  • How disable bluetooth
  • How to on discovery mode on
  • Display Bounded Device list on listvew
Wifi in Android
  • How to enable Wifi
  • How to enable Wifi
  • How disable Wifi
  • How to display nearby Wifi networks names on listview
  • Sensor in Android
  • Understanding Sensor
  • How to get value from Sensor and Display on textview
  • Get list of available Sensor list and Display on listview
Shared preference in android
  • What is shared preference
  • Location of shared preference file
  • How to Store data in shared preference file
  • How to retrieve data from shared preference
  • Creating Registration , Login and , Display profile and Logout (Small project)
Sqlite database in android
  • What is Sqlite
  • Basic properties of Sqlite
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Sqlite
  • Location of Sqlite file
  • Understand SqliteOpenHelper class
  • Use of Oncreate() and OnUpgrade() Methods in Sqlite
  • How to create database
  • How to create table
  • How to store data in table
  • How retrieve data from table
  • How to delete data
  • How to update data
  • How to delete table
  • How to delete database
Content Provider in Android
  • What is Content Provider
  • What is use of Content Provider
  • How to read Contacts list using Content Provider
  • How to create own Content Provider
Material design
  • What is material design
  • Use of material design
  • How to create Toolbar
  • How to create Navigation Drawer using Material Design
RecyclerView In android
  • What is RecyclerView
  • Use of RecyclerView
  • Advantage of RecyclerView
  • Disadvantage of RecyclerView
  • How to add Recycler library
  • How to create RecyclerView Adapter
  • How to display data on RecyclerView
Fragments in Android
  • What is fragments
  • How to create static fragments
  • How to create dynamic Fragments
  • How to add , replace and remove Fragment
  • How to send data from one Fragment to another Fragment
Life Cycle of Fragments
  • Understanding Life Cycle of Fragment
  • States of Life Cycle of Fragment
  • Use Life Cycle of Fragment
  • Methods of Life Cycle of Fragment
Broadcast Receiver in Android
  • What is Broadcast Receiver
  • Use of Broadcast Receiver
  • How to create Broadcast Receiver
  • Example of Broadcast Receiver
Services in Android
  • What is Android Service
  • Types of Services
  • What is Started Service
  • How to create Start Service
  • What is Bound Service
  • How to use Bound Service
AsyncTask in Android
  • What is AsyncTask
  • Use of AsyncTask
  • Methods of AsyncTask
  • How to create AsyncTask
REST API in Android
  • Understanding Client and Servers
  • What is REST API
  • Use of REST API
  • How to get response from server
  • How to send data to server
JSON Parsing
  • What is JSON
  • Use of JSON
  • What is JSON Array
  • What is JSON Parsing
  • How parse JSON data
Retrofit in android
  • What is Retrofit
  • How to add library of Retrofit
  • What is gson library and use of gson
  • How to create API Client and API Interface for Retrofit
  • Creating POJO or Model of Objects
  • Call Web Service and Show Data
  • How to send value from client to server using Retrofit
  • Understanding how location works
Location Manager in Android
  • Understanding how location works
  • How many ways to get current location
  • How to get current location
Understanding About Google Maps and How it works
  • How to add Google Maps library in our project
  • How to get Google Map API key from Developer Console
  • How to display current location on Maps
  • What is Firebase
  • Use of Firebase
  • Firebase Notification Messaging
  • How to store data into Firebase
  • How to retrieve data from Firebase
  • Login authentication using Firebase
  • Understanding Paint class
  • How to create own View
  • How to draw Circle
  • How to draw rectangle
  • How to path to follow finger using OnTouchListener
What is animation
  • How to create animation property file
  • How to apply animations on views
  • Scale animation
  • Rotate animation
  • Fade animation
  • Move animation

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